What Is Multimedia And Its Component ?


Introduction of Multimedia

Multimedia  and its component or application–  -“Multimedia is a combination of text, graphics, audio and video Multimedia is a new trend in the field of computer science because it combines different media in one computer application, it is called multimedia. This enables the computer to be used as an entertainment and educational tool besides just a business tool”.

Component of Multimedia

component of multimedia is a combination of various media like texts, audio,  graphics, animation and video.  we can  display or play multimedia information on output devices. For example, to play a sound file, we need speakers or headphones. In some cases, the computer needs special hardware to connect to the output devices. For example, to connect a speaker to a PC, we need a sound card (which comes with most new computer).


Text is one of the important part of multimedia. The design and content of multimedia text are however different from other types of texts, such as Newspaper text and book text. The extent to which texts are used in multimedia project mainly depends upon the subject or content it deals with. Since computers can display a variety of fonts, colors and their combinations, the ultimate result appears far better than the printed text. 

2. Graphics

Computer graphics deal with the generation, representation, manipulation and display of pictures with the help of a computer. Graphics is an important component of multimedia’s by which we can illustrate information in picture form. For example, to educate small children with the help of multimedia, we can make an illustration more descriptive with the help of pictures. 

Graphic Types
There are two types of computer graphics. These are
(a) Line drawing
(b) Images

A). Line Drawing

Line Drawing-  These are drawings and illustrations in the form of 2D (two dimension) and 3D (three dimension) pictures using mathematical representation of simple objects like lines, circles, ares, etc. Simple object types are used to create complex objects For example, the picture of a chair can be drawn using lines and The area of computer graphics that deals with this type of pictures is known as generative graphics. 

B). Image

Image-  are graphics and photographs composed of a collection of pixels, which are arranged in two-dimensional matrix. The area of computer graphics that deals with this type of pictures is called cognitive graphics. Cognitive graphics along with image processing techniques is extensively used in applications that deal with recognition and classification of pictures.

3. Animation 

Animation-  is one of the most dynamic forms or multimedia Unlike graphics, animations can provide dynamic movements to the objects. An Animation is created by recording a series of still images of drawings, objects, people, etc. Animation consist of a series of drawings or photographs on paper that are viewed with a mechanical device or by flipping through a hand-held sequence of images. 

4. Audio

Audio– computer audio deals with developing recording and playback of audio with the help of a computer audio is another very important component of multimedia because it may cause sound can be useful for better understanding the information in some cases sound may be the only means to convey the desired information for example the sound created by a dog can be easily recognise.

component of multimedia
component of multimedia

5. Video

Video– computer video deals with the recording and display of sequence of image each and image in sequence is called fame for a jerk free full motion video 25 to 30 flames have to be displayed per second it is important component of multimedia because it is very useful for illustrating concept that involve movement.

Application of Multimedia

1. Multimedia Application In Education

Multimedia  application in education– is used to produce computer based training courses (popularly called CBTs) and reference books like encyclopedia. Edutainment is an informal term used to describe combining education with entertainment, especially multimedia entertainment. The idea of media convergence is also becoming a major factor in education, particularly higher education. Defined as separate technologies such as voice (and telephony features), data (and productivity applications) and video that now share resources and interact with each other.

2. Multimedia Application In Entertainment

Multimedia application in Entertainment-  media industry are benefitted by multimedia technology. Images, animation and sound are widely used for making animation movies. A computer is widely used by musicians to record, edit and mix sounds, Entertainment CDs, games, comics and stories for children are used for the purpose of education and training. Video and entertainment films are created using computers and stored on CD-ROM. Music can also using multimedia software packages, such as Media Player (Microsoft), Winamp, etc. 

3. Multimedia Application in Marketing

Multimedia can be used for sales and marketing in the following fields:
(a) Information Directory
(b) Reservations
(C) Buyer’s Guide
(d) Product/Sales promotions
(e) Advertising
(f) Interactive Catalogs
(8) Merchandising – Point of purchase.

4. Multimedia Application  In business

Multimedia has a special role in the field of business, with the help of which the business has a achieved a new position in business , as a result of which customer are attracted to the goods and sale has seen a great boom. business applications for multimedia include presentations, training, marketing, advertising , products demos catalogs, instant messaging and networked communications .

5. Multimedia Application In video conferencing

Video conferencing is another application of multimedia which is gaining great potential. Imagine that you are using a computer and you wish to communicate with a colleague. Video conferencing allows you to see your colleague right on your computer screen and vice versa, allowing you to talk face to face.

6. Multimedia Application of Advertisement

In the area of advertising multimedia will bring major changes it will allow free lions agencies to produce inexpensive tough cuts and prepare clips thereby significantly reducing the dominance of larger advertisement agency.

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