What Is Computer Software And Their Types: With Example

computer software
computer software

What is computer software?

What is computer software and their types: with example-Software is a collection of computer programs and related data that provide the instructions for telling a computer what to do and how to do. A software is a interface between the user and the computer. It is a set of instructions, programs that are used to give command to the hardware.

Software Can Divided Into Two Major Categories

  1. Application software
  2. System software


It is a program software designed to help the user to perform single or multiple task. it is a set of instruction or programs designed for specific user or application. application software are also called the end -user programs.

SoftwareExample Of Software
word-processing softwareLibreOffice writer ,Ms word, Apple iworkpages , coral WordPerfect, Google docs etc.
Spreadsheet softwareLibreOffice Calc, Ms excel etc.
Database SoftwareLibreOffice Base, Ms Access, Oracle,
Graphics SoftwareCorelDraw, Photoshop, Pacemaker etc.
Education SoftwareEducation software allows a computer to be used as a learning and teaching tool.
Entertainment SoftwareVLC Media player, Windows media player, Windows movie maker etc.
Internet BrowsersFirefox, safari, Chrome etc.


system software is responsible for controlling integrating and managing the individual hardware components of computer system. System software can be divided  into parts………. .

  1. System management Program
  2. System utilities

1. System Management program

SoftwareExample Of system Management Program
Operating SystemMs windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, CentOS, Ubuntu, Unix etc.
Drive DriverBIOS Driver, Motherboard Driver, Display Driver, Rom Driver Printer driver, USB driver, Sound Card driver, VGA driver etc.
FirmwareComputer peripheral, Embedded systems, UEFI, BIOS etc.
Linkerlinker is a system program that links together several object modules and libraries to from a single and coherent program.
LoaderIt is type of system Software ,which is responsible for loading and relocation of executable program in the main memory.
TranslatorCompiler, Interpreter, Assembler etc.

2. System Utilities

softwareExample Of Utilities Software
File ViewerFile viewer is used to view and manage file in computer:- windows explorer
File CompressorFile compressor is used to shrink the size of file:- WinZip
Diagnostic UtilitiesThis utility is used to detect problems of hardware and software.
Disk ScannerDisk scanner is used to detect physical and logical problem of disk.
AntivirusIt is the utility which is used to scan computer for viruses and prevent the computer system files from being corrupt:- Kaspersky, McFee etc.

However, there also exists another classification of software. they can easily be classified on the basis of their availability as well as sharability.

  1. Freeware software
  2. shareware software

Freeware Software

Freeware softwareThese software are available free of cost a user can easily download them :- Adobe reader, skype, team Viewer, Yahoo Messenger etc.

Shareware Software

shareware softwareThis types of software to users on a fixed trial basis . it available on limited time :-Adobe Acrobat, PHP Debugger, WinZip, Gedrite etc.

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