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View Tab In Word

View Tab In Word

View Tab In Word:- The View Tab allows YouTube change the look of your work is face and view more document in the different way. Including Read Mode, Print Layout, Web Layout, Outline and Draft Mode.

Views Tab is Divided into 5 Group:-

  1. View Group
  2. Show Group
  3. Zoom Group
  4. Windows Group
  5. Macros Group

View Group

Read Layout

This is a best way to read a documents. Including some tools designed for reading instead of writing.

Print Layout

See how the Document will look if Printed. Allows you to view the document will look when you print it. You can view and work with the text, pictures, header and Footers, page border, page margin, and much more. This is the default view for the document.

Web Layout

See how your document would look as a web page. This layout is also great if you have wide table in your document. Allow you to view how the document will look as a Web Page. In this view, the text appears, to fit the window instead of the page margins. Background colors and images inserted in the document will also be visible in this view.


This view and out for you to change the order of the slide in which they appear. To do this click the desired slide and drag. Once you start dragging a grey line will appear. Black the slide up or down until you see the grey line to the right of the correct slide where you would like to move it.


Allows you to focus only on the text in the document. This view facilities the easy and quick writing and editing of text. In this view, you do not see the images, shapes Page Breaks, headers, Footers, background, and so on. However, you can see the section breaks in this view.

Switch your due to see just down text in your document. This is useful for quick editing because header/ footer and certain object won’t show up, allowing you to focus on your text.

Show Group


Show the rule next to your document. You can see and set tab stops, move table border, and line up object in the document. Also, you can measure stuff.

Grid lines

Show Grid lines in the background of your document for perfect object placement.

The Gridlines make it easy for you to align objects with other objects, or a particular spot on the page.

Navigation Pane

Its like a four guide for your document. Click the heading a page, or a search results and it will take you right there.

Zoom Group


Zoom to the level that’s right for you. For zoomier zooming, use the control in the status bar.


This 100% is used to zoom your document to 100%.

One Page

Zoom the document so you can see the entire page in the window top to bottom.

Multiple Pages

Zoom the documents are you can see multiple pages in the window.

Page Width

Zoom the document so that the width of the page matches the width of the window.

Windows Group

New Window

Open a second Window for your documents so you can work in different places at the same time.

Arrange All

Stack your open Windows so you can see all of them at once.


See two section of your document at the same time. This make it easier to look at one section while editing another.

View side by side

Instead of switching back and fourth between document, view them side by side. It makes comparing them easier.

Synchronous Scrolling

Scroll two document at the same time. This is a great way to compare document line by line or scan for differences. To use this feature, turn on View side by side.

Reset Window Position

Place the document you are comparing side by side so they share the screen equally. To use this feature turn on views side by side.

Switch Windows

Quickly switch to another open window.


Click to view, record or pause a macro.

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