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Review tab in PowerPoint

Review tab in PowerPoint- Click this tab which will show buttons that are related to items. In this tab you can view and add comments to your presentation and you might prefer to check spelling all at once when you finish your document.

Review tab in PowerPoint
Review tab in PowerPoint

This tab has five groups :

  1. Proofing Group
  2. Language Group
  3. Comments Group
  4. Compare Group
  5. One Note Group

Proofing Group

Check the spelling open research task pane to references for more information, find synonyms so you do not use the same word repeatedly, check the grammar etc.

Proofing Group
Spelling (F7)

Spelling is the vital tool of PowerPoint which is used to check and correct spellings as well as Grammatical mistakes.

Research (Alt+Click)

Research is the tool which is used to do investigate or comparison or find meaning of a specific word in different language and scenario with all references books and assistance. In default, there are few English standards set like English (US), English (UK), French Spanish, Arabic etc.

Thesaurus (Shift+F7)

Thesaurus is the Dictionary or vocabulary of word with different language set. We can formally call it as vocabulary which is used by the Research tools to investigate or find the meaning of the word.

Language Group

This group of tools contains Translating tool as well as Language tool.

Language Group

It is another tool under proofing group which is used to find the translation of a specific word in different language. There are some languages standards set to do the translation into. This also used by the Research tool which does monitoring of the words doing whether Translation or finding thesaurus.


Choose the language for proofing tools such as spelling check. You can also set another language preferences including editing, display, help and screentip to languages.

Comments Group

Add or edit comments about a given slide or about a specific date of content on a slide helpful well planning narration.

Comments Group
New Comment

This command adds a comment about the part of the document.


This command delete the selected comments. Click the arrow for more options such as deleting all comments in the presentation or just the one comment on the slide.


Use this command to jump to the previous comment.


Use this command to jump to the next comment.

Show Comments

This option shows the comments pane to view, edit and delete comments. Comments are not displayed during the slide show.

Compare Group

This group contains the tools to Compare, Accept/Reject, Navigating to Next or Previous the Review.

Compare Group

Use this command to compare and combine another presentation with your current presentation.


If you like the change that you have made, accept it. Click the arrow for additional options such as accepting all the changes at once.


This command leta you reject the current change. Click the arrow to reject many changes at once.


This command lets you jump to the previous tracked change.


This command lets you jump to the next tracked change.

Reviewing Pane

Show the reviewing pane when reviewing changes. You can see the changes for each slide or for the entire presentation.

End Review

This command ends the presentation review, apply the current accept and reject decisions.

One Note Group 

One Note Group

One Note will link each lines of notes to the slide you are looking at.

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