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Printing in MS Excel

Print in Ms Excel

Printing in MS Excel-: When you are ready to print your workbook, you can change the workbook’s properties to ensure that your worksheets display all your information properly.

Page Set up in Spreadsheet

Page Setup in Spreadsheet 

We can setup the page according to your need from the Page Setup dialog box. To open the Page Setup dialog box:- 

Click Page Layout Tab –> Page Setup dialog box. 

There are four tabs in page setup dialog box which is used to make different changes in page setup. 

Tabs and the group are as follows:- 

Tab Groups
Page Orientation, Scaling, Paper size, Print quality etc.
Margins Set margins from left, right, bottom, top and set header or footer margins etc.
Header/Footer Header or Footer setting etc.
Sheet Print area, Print Titles, Print page order.
Tabs & Group
Setting Print Area 

On the worksheet, select the cells that you want to define as the print area. To set the print area:- 

Click page layout tab –> Print area in page setup group –> Set print Area. 

To clear the print area:- 

Click anywhere on the worksheet for which you want to clear the print area. OR

Click Page Layout tab–> Print area in page setup group –> Clear area print. 

Print the Print Area 

To print the print area of a spreadsheet followings steps are as follows:- 

  1. Click at Microsoft Office Button. 
  2. Select Print OR
  3. Press ctrl + P after doing this print dialog box will appear. 

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