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MS Word Shortcut Keys

MS Word Shortcut Keys- Shortcut keys, also known as keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys, are combinations of keys that provide quick access to various functions or commands within a software application or operating system. They are designed to increase productivity and efficiency by allowing users to perform tasks without the need to navigate through menus or use the mouse.

Microsoft Word, a popular word processing software, has a wide range of shortcut keys that can help you perform various tasks quickly. Here are some commonly used shortcut keys in Microsoft Word:

Shortcut KeysDescription
Ctrl + ASelect all the content of the MS Word page open.
Ctrl + BBold the highlighted selections.
Ctrl + C Copy the selected text.
Ctrl + DOpen the Font dialog box to change the formatting of characters.
Ctrl + E Aligns the line/selected text to the center.
Ctrl + FOpens Find Box.
Ctrl + GGo to a page, bookmark, footnote, table, comment, graphic.
Ctrl + H Replace text, specific formatting and special items.
Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection.
Ctrl + J Switch a paragraph between justify and left aligned.
Ctrl + K Insert a hyperlink.
Ctrl + LAligns the line/selected text to left of the screen.
Ctrl + M Indent a paragraph from the left.
Ctrl + N Create a new blank document.
Ctrl + OOpen window.
Ctrl + PIt is used for print. It opens the Print Dialog box.
Ctrl + QRemove paragraph formatting.
Ctrl + RSwitch a paragraph between right-aligned and left-aligned.
Ctrl + SSave a document.
Ctrl + TIt create a hanging indent of the line or text.
Ctrl + UUnderlining the highlighted text.
Ctrl + VPaste the selected text/ word/ line/ copied sar list.
Ctrl + XCut selected text.
Ctrl + WClose the active window.
Ctrl + YRedo or repeat the last action performed.
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action.
F1 Get help or visit
F2Move text or graphics.
F4Repeat the last action.
F5Choose the Go To command.
F6Go to the next pane or frame.
F7Choose the spelling command.
F8 Extend a selection.
F9Update the selected fields.
F10Show KeyTips.
F11Go to the next field.
F12Choose the Save As command.
Backspace or DeleteTo delete the selected text.
BackspaceTo delete characters before the insertion point.
DeleteTo delete characters after the insertion point.
Ctrl + BackspaceTo delete a word before the insertion point.
Ctrl + DeleteTo delete a word to the right of the cursor.
← keyTo move one character left .
→keyTo move one character right .
↑ keyTo move one line up .
↓ keyTo move one line down .
Ctrl + ←To move one word to the left .
Ctrl + →To move one word to the right .
EndTo move to the end of a line .
HomeTo move to the beginning of a line .
Ctrl + ↑To move one paragraph up .
Ctrl + ↓To move one paragraph down .
PgUp keyTo move up one window.
PgDn keyTo move down one window.
Ctrl + PgDnTo move to the top of the next page.
Ctrl + PgUpTo move to the top of the previous page.
Ctrl + EndTo move the cursor to the end of the document.
Ctrl + HomeTo move the cursor to the beginning of the document.
← or →arrow keyTo select next or previous character.
End keyTo select the end of a line
Home keyTo select the beginning of a line.
PgUp keyTo select the top of the previous screen.
PgDn keyTo select the bottom of the next screen
Ctrl + Home Move the cursor to the beginning of the document.
Ctrl + End keysTo select the end of a document.
Shift + DeleteMove the selected text or the graphic to the clipboard.
Shift + Ins keyPaste clipboard contents into a document.
Alt + Shift + ↑ arrow keyMove a paragraph up.
Alt + Shift + ↓ arrow keyMove a paragraph down.
Ctrl + Shift + WWord underline.
Ctrl + Shift + DDouble underline.
Ctrl + Shift + KSMALL CAPS
Ctrl + Shift + AALL CAPS
Ctrl + Shift + HHidden text.
Ctrl + Shift + =Superscript.
Ctrl + = Subscript.
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy formatting.
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste formatting.
Ctrl + SpacebarRemove formatting.
Shift + F3Change case of letters.
Ctrl + Shift + FFont dialog box.
Ctrl + Shift + QSymbol font.
Ctrl + Shift + PPoint size box.
Ctrl + Shift + >Next larger points size available for selected fonts.
Ctrl + Shift + <Next smaller points size available for selected fonts.
Ctrl + ]Increase selected font.
Ctrl + [Decrease selected font.
Ctrl + Shift + MRemove left indent.
Ctrl + Shift + TReduce hanging indent.
Ctrl + 1Creates single spaced line.
Ctrl + 2Creates double spaced line.
Ctrl + 5Create one and half spaced line.
Ctrl + 0Adds or removes one line space preceding a paragraph.
Ctrl + Shift + *Used to show non -printing characters.
Ctrl + Shift + LQuickly create a bullet point.
EscTo cancel the current task.
Ctrl + Shift + F12Print the document.
Ctrl + F4Close the active window.
Alt + F5Restore the size of the active window after you maximize it.
Ctrl + F6When more than one window is open switch to the next window.
Ctrl + F10Maximize to restore selected window.
Print ScreenCopy a picture of the screen to the clipboard.
TabMove to the next option or option group.
Ctrl + TabSwitch to the next tab in a dialog box.
Ctrl + F12 or Ctrl + 0Open a document or display the Open Dialog box.
Shift + F10Open a drop down menu for the selected gallery item.
Ctrl + Alt + VPaste special.
Alt + Ctrl + ZSwitch between the last four pages that you have edited.
Alt + Ctrl + ISwitch to print preview.
Shift + TabOne cell to the left ( in a table )
TabOne cell to the right ( in a table )
Alt + Ctrl + PgUpTo the top of the window.
Alt + Ctrl + PgDnTo the end of the window.
Shift + F3Change the case of letters.

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