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MS PowerPoint Shortcut Keys

MS PowerPoint Shortcut Keys-Shortcut keys, also known as keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys, are combinations of keys that provide quick access to various functions or commands within a software application or operating system. They are designed to increase productivity and efficiency by allowing users to perform tasks without the need to navigate through menus or use the mouse.

Microsoft PowerPoint has numerous shortcut keys that can help you perform tasks more efficiently. Here are some commonly used PowerPoint shortcut keys :

Shortcut Keys and Description

Shortcut KeysDescription
Ctrl + ASelect all the content of the MS Word page open.
Ctrl + BBold the highlighted selection.
Ctrl + CCopy selected text.
Ctrl + EAligns the line/selected text to the center.
Ctrl + FOpen Find Box.
Ctrl + IItalic highlighted selection.
Ctrl + JAligns the line/selected text for justifying.
Ctrl + KInsert Hyperlink.
Ctrl + LAligns the line/selected text to left of the screen.
Ctrl + MIndent the paragraphs.
Ctrl + NUsed to open next slide.
Ctrl + PIt is used for mouse pointer to paint during slide show. It open the Print Dialog box.
Ctrl + QClose PowerPoint.
Ctrl + RAligns the line/selected text to right of the screen.
Ctrl + SSave the presentation.
Ctrl + TIt create a hanging indent of the line or text.
Ctrl + UUnderlining the highlighted text.
Ctrl + VPaste the selected text/word/line copied earlier.
Ctrl + XCut selected text.
Ctrl + YYou can redo the last action performed.
Ctrl + ZYou can undo the last action.
Ctrl + ↑Move the selected slide or section up in order.
Ctrl + ↓Move the selected slide or section down in order.
Ctrl + Shift + ↑Move the selected slide or section to the beginning.
Ctrl + Shift + ↓Move the selected slide a section to the end.
BIt is used during slide show. Black screen show /hide.
HIt is used to go to the hidden slide.
SIt is used to stop or restart automatic slide show.
TIt is used to to set the timing during rehearsing.
F5It is used to slide show begin.
F7It is used to check spelling and grammar.
Ctrl + F6It is used to switch to the next presentation slide.
Alt + H, F, SChange the font size for selected text.
Alt + W, QOpen the zoom dialog box.
Alt + HGo to the Home tab.
Alt + N, PInsert a picture.
Alt + H, S, HInsert a shape.
Alt + G, HSelect a theme.
Alt + H, LSelect a slide layout.
Alt + NGo to the Insert tab.
Page DownGo to the next slide.
Page UpGo to the previous slide.
EscEnd the slide show.
Ctrl + =Subscript.
Ctrl + Shift + +Superscript.
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy formatting.
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste formatting.
Ctrl + Spacebar Remove formatting.
Shift + F3Change case of letters.
Ctrl + Shift + FChange the font.
Ctrl + Shift + PChange the font size.
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase the font size.
Ctrl + Shift +<Decrease the font size.

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