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What is Microsoft Office? 

Microsoft Update Course

Microsoft Update Course: Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity software applications developed by Microsoft. It is widely used in business, education and personal settings for creating and managing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Microsoft Office is available in both desktop and web versions, and it is used by millions of people around the world.

Microsoft Office was developed by Microsoft Inc in 1988. It is a collection of softwares, based on specific purpose and mainly used in office work. You can start any software of MS-Office by using the Start button.

Packages of MS Office

There are five packages of MS Office: 

  1. MS Word (Word Processing Software)
  2. MS-Excel (Tabular Data Formatting Software)
  3. MS PowerPoint (Presentation Software)
  4. MS-Access (Database Management Software)
  5. MS-Outlook (E-mail Client)
Here are the brief information is given of these packages:

MS Word (Word Processing Software)

MS-Word is a word processing application which is one of the most important and widely used applications found on computer. 

MS Word is one of the most mainly used to the creation of text based documents. The document can be a poster, report, letter, brochure, web page, newsletter, etc. MS Word helps in entering text, and manipulating words and phrases. You can change typed letter, document and report easily and store them for future use. You can even print these documents as and when desired. Thus, documents created on a word processor can be made accurately. giving better look and printed for use.

 You can even check the spellings and grammar in the documents. Moreover, you can add page numbers or change margins. You can even emphasize the selected words by printing them in boldface, italics or in bold italics.

MS Word store very long letters in the computer’s hard disk. You can then modify such letters or print copies just by pressing a few keys from the keyboard. In case you want to make changes in a letter, you can do so without retyping the whole letter. 

MS-Excel (Tabular Data Formatting Software)

MS Excel is a popular electronic spreadsheet program, where you design worksheets using this software package. MS Excel uses a workbook-style presentation which is made up of several worksheets, like pages in a notebook. A worksheet, also called a spreadsheet, is an electronic sheet made up of rows and columns. 

It is used for planning a project or checking financial position of an organization. It can be used for analysing, sharing and managing information for accounting purpose performing mathematical calculations, budgeting, billing, etc.

MS PowerPoint (Presentation Software)

MS PowerPoint is a very popular presentation graphics software package. It can create professional looking visual aids called presentation graphics software. This presentation software is used for creation of the slides and to display the information in the form of presentation of slides. A presentation software provides tools like editor that allows insertion and formatting of text and methods for inserting and manipulating graphics images alongwith sound and visuals effect.

It has set new standards for the working of presentation graphics. MS PowerPoint helps you in bringing ideas and information that you want to convey to your audience with no difficulty.

MS-Access (Database Management Software)

MS Access is a very popular database software package. MS Access is an application which allows the creating of databases. Microsoft Access is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Access is a tool for managing the database. It allows you to design and create complete databases with quick and easy data entry, maintain them and search for information. 

A database is a collection of logically related and similar data. Database stores similar kind of data for a specific purpose that is organised in such a manner that any information can be derived from it, when needed.

MS-Outlook (E-mail Client)

MS Outlook is an e-mail client and personal information manager (PIM) software application of Microsoft. It is basically used for managing email, scheduling appointments, tasks, contacts, and notes. It is generally used by businesses, individuals, and organizations.

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