Latest Output Device Of Computer:2021

Output device of computer

What is an Output Device?

Latest Output Device Of Computer:2021- “The device which are used to display the data to the user either in the form of hard copy or soft copy are called output device”. An Output Device is a part of Computer hardware equipment, used to communicate the result of data processing which are carried out by and information processing system(such as a Computer), to the outside world device carry the result of various operations performed by the user. Some of the device which are used to display the processed results or output are as follows:-

Some of the output device are-
  1. Monitor
  2. Printer
  3. Speaker
  4. Plotter
  5. Headphones
  6. Projector
  7. Speech synthesizer


Monitor is also known as visual display unit (VDU). The monitor is provided along with the computer to the display result a monitor is of two kinds-

  • Monochrome display Monitor.
  • Colour display Monitor.

A monochrome display monitor uses only one color to display text and color display monitor can display 256 color at a time. An image on the monitor is created by a configuration of dots also known as pixels. That clarity of image depends on three factors which are as follows-

  1. Resolution of screen
  2. Dot pitch
  3. Refresh rate
Types of Monitor 
  1. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
  2. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  3. Liquid/ight Emitted Diode (LED)
  4. 3D Monitor 
  5. Thin Film Transistor (TFT)

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

It is a typical rectangular shave monitor that you see on a desktop computer. The CRT works in a same way as a television. It works by moving an electron beam back and forth across the back of the screen. A screen covered with a  fine layer off phosphorescent and element, called phosphores.

CRT Monitor

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

These screens are used in laptop and notebook size PCs. A special type of liquid is sandwiched between two plates. It is a thin, flat and light weight screen made up of any number of color or monochrome pixels arranged in front of a light source.

LCD Monitor
Some of the major features of LCD monitor are
  • Long life
  • light weight
  • Better screen privacy
  • less eyestrain
  • Reduce radiation

Liquid/Light Emitted Diode (LED)

It is an electronic device that emits light when electrical current is passed through it. LEDs usually produce red light, but today’s LEDs can produce RGB (Red, Green and Blue) light and white light as well.

LED Monitor

3D Monitor

it is a television that conveys depth receptions to the viewers. 3-D describes an image that provides the perception of length. When 3-D image are made interactive then user feels involved with the scene and this experience is called virtual reality.

3-D Monitor

Thin Film Transistor (TFT)

TFT Active-Matrix LCD (AMLCD) is a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). With active matrix displays, each pixels is controlled by one to four transistors that can make the scene faster, brighter more colourful than passive- matrix and capable of being viewed at different angles.

TFT Monitor


A Printer is an output device, which produces a hard copy of documents that are stored in an electronic form on physical print media such as paper or transparencies. So printers are the primary output devices used to prepare permanent documents. The speed of a printer is normally rated either by Pages Per Minute (PPM) or by Character Per Second (CPS). Printer can be classified into two board categories- 

  1. Impact printer
  2. Non impact printer

Impact Printer

The impact printer is a type of printer that uses some physical contact along with the paper to produce an image. The image is generated by striking paper, ribbon and print hammer together.

Types of Impact Printer
  1. Line Printer
  2.  Drum Printer
  3. Daisy Wheel Printer
  4. Dot Matrix Printer

Non impact printer

Non impact printer are much water then impact printers as their printing head do not strike the paper. Most non-impact printers produce dot matrix partners. There is no mechanical contact between then paper and the print head. This printer are comparatively faster than producer high quality output. They can be used for printing test and graphics both in black and white and coloured.

Types of Non-Impact Printer
  1. Electromagnetic Printer
  2. Terminal Printer
  3. Electrostatic Printer
  4. Laser Printer 
  5. Inkjet Printer 
  6. 3D Printer 
  7. All-In One Printer


It is a output device similar to a printer that uses a pen, pencil,  marker or other writing tool to make a design. Plotters are generally used to generate the map of building and shopping malls . A plotter is a computer printing device for printing vector graphics. In the past, plotters were widely used in applications such as computer aided design (CAD) and other print jobs .Though they have generally been replaced with wide format conventional printers. Plotter are of three types:-

  1. Drum plotter
  2. Flatbed plotter
  3. Electrostatic plotter 

Drum plotter

A Drum plotter contains a long cylinder and a pen carriage. The output paper is placed over the drum .The pen is mounted horizontally on the carriage . Both the pen and drum move under the computer’s control to produce the desired drawing.

Drum Plotter

Flatbed plotter

A Flatbed plotter consist of a stationary horizontal flat surface on which paper or any other medium is fixed. The pen is mounted on a carriage that can move along the horizontal and vertical axis.

Flatbed Plotter

Electrostatic plotter

It mark paper with electrostatic charges and run it through a developing system to create and image . They produce high-quality image and are used by graphics and commercial artists.

Electrostatic Plotter

Characteristics of Plotter

  1. Plotter can automatically change their pens.
  2. They produce coloured output.
  3. The lines drawn by a Potter are continuous and accurate.
  4. Plotters are very slow.
  5. Produce high quality output.
  6. They are usually used for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) applications.
  7. They are used for printing plans for houses or car parts.
  8. They are very expensive.


Speaker is an output device that receive the sound in the form of electric current from the sound card and convert it into the sound format . Speaker are used for listening to music. Computer speakers (multimedia speakers )are also speakers, which are attached internally or externally to a computer system.


Headphones are a pair of small loudspeakers or less commonly a single speaker, held close to a user’s ear and connected to a signal source such as an audio amplifier, radio, CD player or portable media player. They are also known as stereo phones, headsets or cans.


It is an output device, which is used to project information from a computer on to a large screen, so it can be viewed by a large group of people simultaneously. Projectors are widely used for classroom training or conference halls with a large audience .It provides a temporary output display. 

Speech Synthesizer

Speech synthesizer is used to produce sound from a text and can be implemented in software and hardware . A text -to- speech system convert normal  language text into speech.

Braille reader

It is a electro-mechanical device and used for displaying characters and it also allows blind persons to read the text displayed on a computer or monitor screen . Braille reader comes in various forms including large units (about the size of the computer keyboard). Many computer or tablet users who have accuired vision loss may not be even aware of the value of braille reader it is very beneficial machine for blind people.

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