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How to Print with MS Word?

Print with Ms Word
Previewing and Printing a Document 

How to Print with MS Word? -: When you are ready to print a document you can click the office button point to print and then click quick print. Word then uses your computer default printer and the setting is specified in the print dialogue box. To use a different printer or change the printer setting you click the office button and click print to open the print dialogue box. You can to use what to print and how many copies. You can also make other changes in the setting and then click print preview this view source exactly document will look when printed. 

Setting Printer Options

Windows operating system manage detail of setting up a printer. However, Windows OS (operating system) leaves three task for you:- 

  • Selecting the printer you want to use in word. 
  • Installing the printer if not available in the list of Windows Printer. 
  • Changing the printer setup for special printing needs. 

The printing option in word can be classified into categories these are:- 

  • Printer is specific option which are controlled through the print dialogue box and properties button in print dialogue box. 
  • Printing option which are controlled through the print property heat of option dialogue box. 
To set printer specific option do this:- 
  1. Click the office button and choose print or Press ctrl + shift + F 12 key together the print dialogue box appear. 
  2. Select a print from the Name drop down list. 
  3. Click the properties button in the print dialogue box the properties dialogue box open. 
Printing the Current Documents

The simplest way to print is to open a document and click office button and choose print alternatively click the print button on the quick access tool bar by default world print one copy of all pages of the currently opened document on the selected printer without printing hidden text. 

To print a copy of the documents do this:-
  1. Open the document you want to print. 
  2. Click the office button and choose print or press Ctrl + shift + F12 key together different dialogue box appear. 
  3. Click OK. 
  4. The print dialogue box closed and in the status bar display the process of the print. 

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