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Design tab in Powerpoint

Design tab in Powerpoint-The default slide design for Microsoft PowerPoint documents the blank slide. Therefore if you want your slides to have a specific design you must add one. To do this on a presentation use the Design tab. This time has the options to change the theme and layout of your presentation.

Design tab in PowerPoint

Design tab has three groups:

  1. Themes Group
  2. Varients Group
  3. Customize Groupme

Themes Group

A theme is a predefined combination of colors, fonts and effects that can quickly change the look and feel of your entire slide show. A theme determines the look of an entire presentations’ colors, fonts and overall format. Different themes also use different slide layouts, which can change the arrangement of your existing placeholders.

Themes Group

PowerPoint has tons of themes to give your presentation just the right personality. You can use pretty fired things that comes with PowerPoint or you can define your own.

To apply a theme follow this step:

  1. Open the presentation you want to apply a design.
  2. Click the Design tab, in the Theme group, click more button. A list of themes gallery will appear.
  3. Find and select the design you want to use or any presentation whose design you want to use.
  4. You can also apply to All Slides or Selected slides. Right-click the Themes and choose the desired option to apply.
  5. After applying the selected theme you can Save the Current Theme.

Varients Group

This group has the commands to change the theme color, font style, effects and background styles.

Varients Group

The colors in the Theme colours button represent the current text and background colours. The set of colours that you see next to the Theme Colours name after you click the Theme Colours button represent the accent and hyperlink colours for that theme. When you change any of these colors to create your own set of theme colours, the colours that shown in the Theme colours button and next to the Theme colours name will be changed accordingly.


Theme fonts contain a heading font and a body text font. When you click mouse over the Theme Fonts button, you see the changes and name of the heading font and body text font that is used for each theme font below the Theme Fonts name. You can change both of these fonts to create your own set of theme fonts.


Theme effects are sets of a lines and fill effects. When you click the Theme Effects button you can see the lines and fill effect that are used for each set of theme effects in the graphic that is displayed with the Theme Effect name.

To select a set of Theme effect, do this :

  1. Go to the Design tab, click the drop down menu in the Varients group, click Effects.
  2. Select the effect that you want to use in the graphic.
Background Style

By default, all slides in your presentation use a white background. It is easy to change the background style for some or all of your slides. Background style adjusts the background look of your slides by changing the colour or hide the background graphics.

Customize Group

Under this group you can change the slide size and background.

Customize Group
Slide Size

This option helps to change the size of the slides in the presentation. You can also customize the slide size according to your need.

There are two slide size available:

  • Standard (4 : 3)
  • Widescreen (16 : 9)
Format Background

By default, all slides in your presentation use a white background. It is easy to change the background style for some or all of your slides. Backgrounds can have a solid, gradient, pattern or picture fill.

Steps to format slide background :

  1. Select the Design tab, then click the Format Background command.
  2. The Format Background pane will appear on the right. Select the desired fill options.
  3. The background style of the selected style will update.
  4. If you want you can click Apply to All to apply the same background style to all the slides in your presentation.

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