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Data Validation in MS Excel

Data Validation

Data Validation in MS Excel-: Data Validation  is used to restrict the cell  entries within a specified range. It defines the type of contents that can be entered in that cell. It provides help messages that define the content rules you have set up for the cell and blocks the invalid data. 

  • Select the column B that is Hindi Marks. Go to the Data Tab–>Select Data Validation from the data Tools Group. The Data validation dialog box appears. By default, the validation criteria Allow tab is selected. 
  • Select whole numbers option from the Arrow drop down list. Whole number limit the cell data to numbers without fractional components. 
  • You will observe that the between option is selected by default in the data drop down list. 
  • In minimum text box type 33,and Maximum text box type 100.
  • Click on the input message tab. Type validation in the title text box and type >= 33 and <=100 in input message text box. 
  • Select the Error Alert tab and type Input is wrong in Error message box and type error in the title box. 
  • Click OK to close the dialog box. 
  • If you try to enter data beyond the specified limit in the selected range an error message will be displayed click on the OK button to enter another value in the cell.

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