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Introduction-Complete History and Features of Microsoft Word, In today technology-driven world, activities such as creating and managing documents have become an integral part of every organization. These documents serve as a resource which in turn helps in business activities such as information-analysis, Knowledge-sharing decision-making, and planning. In order to cater to these needs, you can use a word processor.
A word processor is a software application or program that allows you to create, edit and Save documents electronically. When you create a document, you add some text in the document edit in the text by adding, moving, or deleting some text. You Can also Change the structuring paragraphs and sentences. You can then save it, and print it, if required.
some of the popular word processors include Word Perfect, Word Pad, Abi Word, and Microsoft word. Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor in use today. Microsoft Word 2007, which is included in Microsoft Office 2007 offers a host of modern, enhanced, innovative, and extensive features and tools. lt has a new and improved user interface that is convenient to use.
In word 2007, you can easily and quickly create professional-looking documents by using the pre-defined templates. The documents can have different formatting, styles, themes, pictures, Shapes, tables, and much more Word 2007 also allows you to save your documents as a portable document format (PDF) or XML paper Specification (XPS) file. You can then print these documents, give them to other people to review them, and so on.

History of Microsoft Word

The inception of Word began with one of the earliest word processors named Bravo. The first release of Word was in 1983 with the name Multi-Tool Word. It was later renamed as Microsoft and released again in the same year for IBM PC. Although it incorporate the “what you see Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) feature to some extent by allowing line breaks, and bold and italicized text, it failed to make an impact in the market. (In 1985, Word was released for Macintosh systems, Due to the popularity of Word for Macintosh, subsequent versions  word 3.0, Word 3.01, and Word 4.0 were released.

The first version of Word for the Windows operating system was released in 1989 With the next release-Word for Windows 2.0-Microsoft had captured a huge portion of the market.
In 1995, Microsoft released Word for Windows 95 as a part of Office 95. Word for Windows 95 introduced some new features such as spell-checking. The next release of Word-Word 97-had Customizable user interface, numerous toolbars, and hierarchical menus. It was also the first to have  an Office Assistant’. As the user interface of Word 97 was exhaustive, people found it difficult to work with.(Later versions-Word 2000 and Word 2003 were released with office 2000 and 2003 respectively. With the 2003 release, Word was officially named as Microsoft Office Word, The next The version of Word–Word 2007-Was released to businesses in November 2006 and all over the world to the consumers in January 2007. As stated earlier, Word 2007 includes various enhanced and contemporary features that can assist you in creating good-quality documents.And after three year later in 2010 word released its new version Microsoft word 2010, have a special effect ,like office button replace with file tab and insert tab have a screenshot option under the illustration group. Microsoft is updating its version time to time,in year 2013 micro-soft released word 2013, with the introduction of several enhanced features, it gives you the facility to do more with your word processing projects. the ribbon in Microsoft word is similar to word 2010,with a few additional features. the ribbon tabs each with several groups of command.If you want to organise your  document in proper manner , the navigation pan is of big help . Backstage view give you various options for saving, opening , printing and sharing your document 

The appearance of Microsoft word 2016 is similar to word 2010 and 2013, but with more enhanced features it contains a customized office background that appears above the ribbon , live access to your one drive account , an option to work in read mode and many more existing many more features 

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