Basic application of computer

Computer application

Application of Computer

Basic Applications of Computer- Now-a-days computers have been employed in almost all the aspects of professional and personal life. Some of the areas where computers are being used are as follows

1. Education

Education Computer s have proved to be excellent teachers. Educational institutes are using computers in many ways like
tele-education, virtual classroom, online classes, etc.

2. Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering Scientists have been long users of it. A new adventure among scientists is the idea of a collaborator, an Internet based collaborative laboratory, in which researchers all over the world can work easily together even at a distance.

3. Industry

Industry Computers are used here to control manufacturing system and continuous running of the machinery. Parameters like temperature, pressure, volume are monitored and controlled by computers. Robotics developed with the help of computers, plays a very crucial role here.

4. Recreation

Recreation Our entertainment and pleasure time have also been affected by computerization.

5. Administration

Administration Various departments of the government use computer for their planning, (morgencontrol and law enforcement activities.

6. Health

Health Computer plays a very crucial role in this area. Activities like scanning, X-ray, tele-medicine, patient monitoring, patient records, diagnosis, etc., are performed with the help of computers.

7. Multimedia

Multimedia– It is the field concerned with the computer controlled integration of text, graphics, drawings, animation, audio and any other media where each type of information can be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally.

8. Bank

Banks Computers- can be used in the banks / to keep the records of customer’s accounts.

9. Military personnel

Military Personnel– They also make use of computers for their crucial tasks like determining the weather, computing the trajectories of missiles, etc.

10. Business

Business- Using a wide range of business software a company’s marketing division can produce sales forecasts and devise new strategies.

11. Commerce

Commerce- It is the activity of buying and selling of goods and services especially on a large scale.

12. Publication

Publication Computers– have made publication process an easy one. Without computers, the different parts of a publication-text, illustrations and graphics-must be created individually, then cut out and pasted down to form a page layout.

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