Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence-: It is a branch of computer science named artificial intelligence pursues creating the computer machine as intelligent as human beings. Computer science define AI research as a study of intelligent agent so that any device that perceives its environment and takes action that maximize its chance of successfully achieving is goals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem solving.

Knowledge engineering is a core part of AI research machine can often act and react like humans only if they have abundant information related to the word artificial intelligence must have access to object categories properties and relation between all of them to implement knowledge engineering.

According to the father of artificial intelligence John McCarthy, it is The science and engineering of making intelligent machine especially intelligent computer program”. Such system may have the capability of visual perception is speech recognition natural language processing and they may also be able to make decision and perform task without human intervention to drive efficiency improve quality and better manner supply chain.

Industrial AI’s impact on manufacturing

  • Generative Design:- Manufacturers can also make use of AI in the design face designer and engineers can make also of an AI algorithm generally referred to as generative designs software to explore all the possible configuration of a solution the brief can include restriction and definition for material types production method time constructs and budget limitations. The proposed solution can then be tested using machine learning, offering additional insight as to which design work best. The process can be repeated until an optional design solutions is reached.
  • Predictive Maintenance:- Instead of performing maintenance according to a predetermined schedule, predictive maintenance uses advanced AI algorithm in the form of machine learning and artificial neural network to formulate prediction regarding asset malfunction after that it alert personal to perform focus maintenance procedure to prevent the failure but not to early so as to waste down time unnecessarily.
  • Market adaptation/supply chain:- In this, for constructing estimation of market demand we can use an algorithm account demand pattern categorized by date location social economic attributes macroeconomic behavior political status weather pattern extra it this information is invaluable to manufacturers as it allow them to optimize is staffing inventory control energy consumption and supply of raw material.
  • Human Robot Collaboration:- According to the if international federation of robotics there will be 1.3 million industrial robots by the end of 2018 working in factory surround the world as a adoption of robotics increases in manufacturing AI will be play a major part of ensuring the safety of human personal as well as giving robots more responsibility to make decision.
  • Quality 4.0:- It enables manufacturers to continually improve the quality of their output by collecting data about the use and performance of their product in the field this information can be powerful to product in the field. This information can be powerful to product development teams in making both strategic and tactical engineering decision.

Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into two parts, which as follows:- 

  1. Weak AI:- It embodies a system designed to carry out one particular job. Weak AI system include video game search as the chess and personal assistant such as Amazon Alexa’s.
  2. Strong AI:- These systems our system that carry on the task considered to be human like. These tend to be more complex and complicated system this kinds of system can be found in application like self driving car or in hospital operating rooms.
  3. Reactive Machine AI:- This type of AI includes machine that operate solely based on the present data taking into account only the current situation reactive AI machine cannot form inferences from the data to evaluate their future action they can perform a narrowed range of predefined task.
  4. Limited Memory AI:- Like the memory name suggest limited memory AI can make informed and improved decision by studying the last data from its memories such an AI has a short lived or a temporary memory that can be used to store past experience and hence evaluate future action.
  5. Theory Of Mind AI:- The theory of mind AI is a more advanced type of artificial intelligence this category of machine is speculated to play a major role in psychology this type of AI will focus mainly on emotional intelligence so that human believes and thought can be better comprehended.
  6. Self Aware AI:- In this type of AI machine have their own consciousness and become self aware this type of AI is a little forged given the present circumstances however in the future as heavy stage of super intelligence might be possible.

Goals of AI:- 

The ultimate aim of artificial intelligence research is the technology singularity the point at which technology over takes the human.

  • To create expert system:-  The system which exhibit intelligent behavior learn demonstrate explain and advise its user.
  • To implement Human Intelligence in Machines:- Creating system that understand think learnt and behave like humans.

Application Of Artificial Intelligence

Application of AI

  1. Handwriting recognition:- The handwriting recognition software deeds the text written on paper by a pen or on screen buy a stylish it can recognize the shape of the letters and convert it into editable text.
  2. Speech Recognition:- It is the intelligent system which is capable of hearing and knowing the human language in term of sentence and their meaning while a person talks to it.
  3. Healthcare:- By using AI in healthcare, managing medical record doing repeated job treatment design virtual nurse drug creation health monitoring healthcare system analysis are done easily and with an accurate result the precision of machine learning can also detect disease such as cancer Sonar the saving lives.
  4. Gaming:- AI plays crucial role in strategy games such as chess poker tic tac Toe etc where machine can think of large number of possible position based on heuristic knowledge.
  5. In Business:- Robotics process automation is being applied to highly repetitive task normally performed by humans machine learning algorithm are being integrated into analytics and CRM customer relationship management platform to on cover information on how to better serve customer.
  6. Manufacturing Sector:- By using AI in the manufacturing sector d inspection supervision modification and communication can be automated the value added manufacturing process is heterogeneous decentralized flexible and also smart manufacturing is characterized by preventive action and adaptive production.
  7. Intelligent Robots:- Robots are the capable of learning from their mistake and they can also adapt new environment and able to perform the task given by a human they have sensor to detect physical data from the real world such as light heat temperature movement sound bump and pressure.
  8.  In Banking:- A lot of Bank have already adopted AI based system to provide customer support detect anomalies and credit card fraud AI solution can be used to enhance security across a number of business sector including retail and finance.
  9. In Autonomous Vehicles:- Just like humans self driving car need to have sensor to understand the world around them and a brain to collect process and choose specific action based on information gathered autonomous vehicles are with advance tool together information including long range rather cameras and LIDER (Light detection and Ranging)
  10. In Social Media:- In social media platform like Facebook, AI is used for face verification wear in machine learning and deep learning concept are used to detect facial feature and tag your friend.

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