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Animations tab in PowerPoint

Animations tab in PowerPoint- Click the Animations tab which will show buttons that are related to items. You can give animations to your slides. You are then given a variety of different options. When you select an Animation it will show a preview on the existing slide. You must have text or an image within the slide to see a preview. For example you can animate individual objects on the slide. They are organised on this tab.

Animations tab in PowerPoint
Animations tab in PowerPoint

This tab has four groups :

  1. Preview Group
  2. Animation Group
  3. Advanced Animation Group
  4. Timing Group

Preview Group

Any animation effects you have applied will show up when you play for the slide show. However you can also quickly preview the animations for the current slide without viewing the slide show.

Preview Group
Preview Group

To preview animation, do this:

  • Navigate to the slide you want to preview.
  • From the Animation tab, click the Preview command. The animations for the current slide will play.

Animation Group

PowerPoint allows you to animate any slide object that can be selected on your slide. Such objects include pictures, shapes, text bulleted lists, SmartArt graphics, charts etc.

Animation Group
Animation Group

There are following animation effects appear in MS PowerPoint :

Entrance : These control how the object enters the slide.

Emphasis : These animations occur while the object is on the slide, often trigger by a mouse click.

Exit : These control how the object exits the slide.

Motion Path : These are similar to Emphasis effects, except the object moves within the slide along a predetermined path.

Steps for animate an object in PowerPoint :

  1. Create a new presentation and insert any object (text/shape) and select the object (text/shape) you want to animate.
  2. On the Animation tab, click the More drop down arrow in the Animation group.
  3. A drop down menu of animation effects will appear. Select the desired effect.
  4. The effect will apply to the object. The object will have a small number next to it to show that it has an animation.
Effect Options

Apply an animation effect to the selected object.

Advanced Animation Group

This very tool allows you to configure and apply your personalised animation.

Advanced Animation Group
Advanced Animation Group
Add Animation 

If you select a new animation from the menu in the Animation group, it will replace the object’s current animation. However you can add more than one Animation effect on a single object using Add Animation option from the Advanced Animation group.

To add multiple animation to an object do this :

  1. Select an object or text with an animation.
  2. In the Advanced Animation group, click the Add Animation command to view the available animations. Doing so open the Add Animation drop down gallery.
  3. Select the desired animation effect.
Animation Pane

Animation Pane helps to view and edit the timeline of animations on the slide.


Trigger command set a special start condition for an animation. You can set the animation to start after you click a shape or when media playback reaches a bookmark.

Animation Painter (Alt+Shift+C)

If you like the animation of a particular object, you can apply that effect to other objects in your presentation.

To get started :

  1. Select the object with the animation effect.
  2. Click Animation Painter.
  3. Select something else to automatically apply the animation.

Timing Group 

This group has the options for time setting of interval between slides for automating and delay.

Timing Group
Timing Group

They are different ways to start animations in your presentation :

  • On Click : Start an animation when you click a slide.
  • With Previous : Play an animation at the same time as the previous animation in your sequence.
  • After Previous : Start an animation immediately after the previous one happens.
  • Duration : Lengthen or shorten an effect.
  • Delay : Add time before an effect runs.

This command specifies the length of an animation.


This command plays the animation after a certain number of seconds.

Reorder Animation 

By this command you can order your animation. It has two option :

  • Move Earlier : This option moves the current animation to play earlier.
  • Move Later : This option moves the current animation to play later.

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