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Web Browser

All about of Web Browser -: It is a software application that is used to locate retrieve and also display content on the word wide web including web page web browser or program used to explore the internet we can install more than one web browser on a single computer the user can navigate through file folder and website with the help of browser.

A web browser or simply web browser is a special software that enable the user to read view web pages and jump from one page to another a display a verb page and interrupt its HTML codes it is the software that is needed to find retrieve view and send information over the internet.

There are two types of web browser as follows:-

  1. Text Web Browser:- A Web Browser that display only text based information is known as text Web Browser. example Lynx with provide access to the internet in the text mode only.
  2. Graphical Web Browser:- A Web Browser that support boat text and graphic information is known as graphical Web Browser. example:- Internet explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari Google Chrome and Opera.

Web Server 

A Web Server is a computer program that serve requested HTML pages of file. A web client is the requesting program associated with user. The Web Browser is a client that request HTML file from web servers. The server computer delivered those web pages to the client computer that are requested. Every web server that is connected to the internet is given a unique address that is IP address made up of a series of four numbers between 0 to 256 separated by periods. e.g. or

Web Address/URL

A Web Address identify the location of a specific web page on the Internet, such as On the Web, Web addresses are called URLs. URL stands for Uniform Resources Locator.

It is the Web addresses for a website or a web page Tim burner sleep created the first URL in 1991 to allow the publishing of hyperlink on the word wide web the URL specified the internet address of a file is stored on the host of computer connected to the internet example:-”.

  http – Protocol Identifier      

 www – World Wide Web – Domain Name.

/Services/ – Directory

index.htm – Web page 

Domain Name

Domain is a group of network resource assigned to a group of user a domain name in the way to identify and locate computer connected to the internet are domain name must be unique I to always have to or more parts separated by period example etc domains are organised by the type of organisation and why country are three letter usually to collectorate abbreviation indicating the country name.


A Blog is a Website or Web page in which an individual records opinion, links to other site, on regular basis. Many people compare it with a journal, except it is written online and for everyone to see.

A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages and other media related to its topic. Most blogs, of primarily textual, although some focus on art, photographs, videos, music and audio. In education, block can be used as instructional resources. These blogs are referred to as edublogs. The entires of block is also known as posts.

Popular Web Browser

Some popular web browsers are given below:-

Mozilla Firefox

It has been developed by a company called Mozilla corporation it is a free and open source web browser it was initially released in September 2002 it was earlier name phoenix fiber and eventually Firefox it can be downloaded from

Website:-, Developers:- Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, Initial Release date:- 2002, Stable Release:- 48.0,51.0.1,62.0, Programming Language:- JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, C, C++, XUL, XBL, Engines:- SpiderMonkey, Gecko. 

                   Mozilla Firefox 🔥
Google Chrome 

This web browser was developed by Google its beta and commercial version where released in September 2008 for Microsoft window Google Chrome is the fastest and most secure web browser for windows it’s support various extension to enhance it’s functionalities  according to use preference it can be downloaded from website.

Developers:- Google, Initial release date:- 2 September 2008, Stable Release:- Android -69.0.3497.91,iOS – 69.0.3497.91, Engines:- WebKit, Chrome V8, Blink, Written in:- C,C++, JavaScript, Java (Android app only), Python.

                       Google Chrome

It is a web browser developed by Apple incorporation and compatible with Mac OSX, Microsoft windows and iPhone OS it was first released as a public beta in January 2003 Safari provide good support for latest technology like X HTML CSS 2 etc can be downloaded from website.

Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer (IE) is a product of Microsoft corporation USA this is the most commonly used browser in the universe it is based on first web browser my software mosaic this was developed in 1994 and released in 1995 it can be easily downloaded from website.

Developer:- Microsoft Corporation, Website:-, Original Authors:- Thomas Reardon, Initial Release Date:- 1995, Stable Release:- Unix – 5. 01 SP1, Windows- 11.0.85, Mac – 5.2.3, Programming Languages:- C++

Internet Explorer

It is a web browser which is available in market due to its fast safe and secure browsing it was initial released in April 1995 it is available for PC and various mobile platform as Opera mini it can be downloaded from

Website:-, Developers:- Opera Software, Initial Release date:- 1995, Stable Release:- 55.0.2994.61, Programming Languages:- C++, Engines:- Chrome V8, Blink. 


It is one of the oldest web browser in 1992. It is a text based web browsing software which has been developed in Kansas University of USA. It is basically used for Unix operating system. It does not support multimedia files so you cannot see any graphics or other media files. It can be downloaded from 

Netscape Navigator  

Netscape was introduced in 1994. It has been developed by Netscape Communication Corporation of USA. This program is available in many versions for various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Macintosh. It can be downloaded from its official website from

Netscape Navigator
Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft. It was first released for Windows 10 and Xbox One in 2015, then for Android and iOS in 2017. Edge includes integration with Cortana and has extension hosted on the Microsoft Store. Website

Website:-, Developers:- Microsoft Corporation, Stable Release:- Windows 10-42.17134.1.0, Engines:- EdgeHTML, Chakra, Downloadable:- Included with windows 10,windows 10 mobile, Windows Server 2016, Xbox One, Programming Languages:- C++, C#.

Popular Search Engine 

There are number of popular Search Engine which are used very frequently among the internet users… 

  • Google:- Google is the most popular Search Engine across the globe which is used very frequently. It’s popularity is assumed in the way like most of people have set this as it’s home page and default search engine for the browsers. It is a web portal, contains number of service like Mail, Books, Translate, Map, Google+, YouTube and so on. 

  • Yahoo:- Yahoo is another search engine across the globe and is used worldwide. This is very Web Portal contains number of services with very decorative home page. 
  • Bing:- Bing is never Search Engine among the mentioned search engine. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation. It has replaced mostly MSN (Microsoft Network) search engine of its own developers team. This is very interactive and user friendly Search engine. 
  • Lycos:- Lycos is far older than these above search engines. It provides very easy access to user to search a thing. It provides keyword search as well as directory search to it’s home page. 
  • Altavista:- Altavista offers software products you can use to locate and manage information on the internet or a private computer network that uses Internet Tools. This search engine has a spider called Scooter that traverses the web and usenet newspaper. 
  • HotBot:- This search engine is used to retrieve or index the web documents. This web search engine currently owned by Lycos and launched in May 1996 by Wired Magazine. 
  • WebCrawler:- WebCrawler has a powerful search customisation and a good selection of site reviews. It is also called web spider or spider. It visits websites and reads their pages and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index. 
  • Dogpile:- It is one of the search engines, which has combined many search engines. Dogpile is a search engine that fetches results from Google, Yahoo! etc. 
Searching Content On Search Engines

Searching is characterised as a process in which user which describe a request via a query and the system must generate information that satisfies or matches the request. There are numerous websites, provide search facility for searching the contents on Internet. Fir instance, is a website, which provides search facility. 

If you get the information on any desired topic, execute the following steps:- 

  1. Enter the search term in text box. 
  2. When you enter the text, a program called Search Engine will search it’s information in database and find the links to the same. 
  3. To go to the website contain the information, click on any desired link of the hit list by mouse. 
  4. After reaching the website, you can make use of browser Back button, to get back to the hit list. 
  5. Now, click the mouse on another link to get more information on the same topic but from another website. 

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