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All About NIELIT

All About NIELT

What is NIELIT ?

All About NIELT : NIELIT stands for National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. It is a scientific society established by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, on 9 November 1994. NIELIT was formerly known as DOEACC (Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Courses) and was renamed in 2017.

NIELIT has a network of over 1700 centers across India, including government training centers, private training institutes, and universities. It also offers online courses through its website and mobile app. It offers various courses, certifications, and training programs related to computer science, IT, and electronics.

Courses offered by NIELIT

NIELIT offers Information Technology and Electronics training at different levels, including professional courses, postgraduate programs, and short-term courses. NIELIT offers a variety of courses, like:

  • Professional courses:These courses are designed to prepare students for careers in the IT and electronics industry. They include courses on computer programming, software development, networking, hardware repair, and more.
  • Postgraduate programs: NIELIT offers postgraduate programs in computer science, information technology, and electronics engineering. These programs are designed to prepare students for careers in research or academia.
  • Short-term courses: NIELIT offers short-term courses on a variety of IT topics, such as web design, mobile app development, and digital marketing. These courses are designed to help students learn new skills or update their existing skills.
  • NIELIT also offers a variety of certification programs in the field of IECT. These certifications are recognized by the Government of India and the industry.

These programs are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of students and professionals in these fields. NIELIT is a leading provider of IT and electronics education and training in India. It has helped millions of students learn the skills they need to succeed in the IT industry.

NIELIT Courses Information

NIELIT offers courses for short term period. NIELIT also offers online courses for students. Here are the information of all short term courses and online courses.

Short Term Courses 

S. No.Course NameCourse Duration
1Artificial intelligence using Python6 weeks
2Internet of Things (IoT)6 weeks
3AutoCAD4 weeks
4Machine Learning using Python6 weeks
5Python Programming4 weeks
6Mobile Application Development using Android7 weeks
7Certificate Course in Tally4 weeks
8Web Designing4 weeks
9Network Administration6 weeks

Online Courses

S. No.Course NameCourse Duration
1Full Stack Development using MERN 4 weeks
2Java Programming4 weeks
3PCB Design using OrCAD2 weeks
4Python Programming4 weeks
5Big Data Using Hadoop4 weeks
6Solar Power Installation, Operation and Maintanence2 weeks
7Digital Marketing4 weeks
8Python Programming & Data Science4 weeks
9AutoCAD4 weeks
10Enterprise Network Administration and Cyber Security6 weeks
11Artificial Intelligence6 weeks
12Programming in C and C++4 weeks
13Wen Designing4 weeks
14IT Tools and Network Basics6 weeks
15Network Administration6 weeks
16Web Application using Apache, PHP & MySQL4 weeks
17NoSQL Database – MongoDB4 weeks
18Certified Internet of Things (IoT) Developer4 weeks
19Web Development using Django Framework4 weeks
20Ethical Hacking & Information Security4 weeks
21Data Analysis using Spreadsheets2 weeks
22Mobile App Development6 weeks
23Internet of Things (IoT)6 weeks
24Robotics Process Automatic4 weeks
25Course on Computer Concepts (CCC)8 weeks
26R Programming4 weeks
27DSP using MATLAB4 weeks
28Internship on Design of DC Power Supply4 weeks
29Financial Accounting using Tally Prime 4 weeks
30Advanced Java4 weeks
31AutoCAD4 weeks

Key Activites of NIELIT

Some of the key activities and responsibilities of NIELIT include:

  1. Conducting IT and Electronics Courses: NIELIT offers a broad range of courses and certifications, like O Level, A Level, B Level, and C Level, which cover topics like computer programming, software development, hardware, networking, and many more.
  2. Accreditation: NIELIT is involved in accrediting institutions and organizations that provide IT education and training. It ensures that these institutions maintain high educational standards.
  3. Promoting IT Education: NIELIT promotes IT education and digital skills, supporting the government’s Digital India initiative to make technology accessible to all.
  4. Managing Examinations: NIELIT manages examinations for several IT and electronics courses, leading to nationally recognized certifications.
  5. Research and Development: NIELIT is involved in research and development activities in the field of electronics and information technology.
  6. Consultation and Advisory Services: It gives consultation and advisory services to government agencies, organizations, and industry stakeholders in matters related to IT and electronics.

NIELIT certifications are widely recognized in India, and many government job positions, as well as private-sector employers, consider these certifications when hiring individuals for IT and electronics roles. It plays a important role in promoting IT education and promoting digital literacy in the country.

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